Construction Gallery - Incheon, South Korea.
another Monorail Society Exclusive!

November 2008 photos courtesy of Rowin Co., LTD.
Our thanks to Rowin's Deputy General Manager, Joong-Ki Park, for sharing them with The Monorail Society

The first monorail to use Einar Svensson's Urbanaut technology is being built in Incheon, South Korea. Svensson's design avoids the need for guide wheels along the sides of the beam.

This beautiful art rendering shows how the Incheon Monorail will look when complete. The line will connect to and circle Wolmido Island.

6.3 kilometers of track are now going up!

A crane prepares to lift a form that will be used to pour cement on the top of this t-shaped pylon.

Here's a completed t-support.

Graceful pylons, and many more coming soon!

(As of 2014, serious flaws in construction methods have prevented the monorail from opening)

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