Opening Day! First Images, first impressions
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Pictures and commentary by Kim Pedersen (except where noted)


For those of you that want us to "make nice" to everybody, my apologies.

The interior of the so-called Borg Train. The M-VI doesn't take many people to make the car feel "cramped," but most of the time trains had more space. No walk-through however, you are committed to the car you select. Note the security camera, two are in each car.

At opening, four trains have been sponsored by commercial entities. Here's the interior of the Monster Drink train. Cabin design is modern and appealing. Air conditioning was excellent, even with crush loads on 100+ degrees Fahrenheit days of the desert.

Thursday morning, July 15, 2004. This is only some of the Monorail Society members that came as far away as Florida for the special day. Photograph is courtesy of TMS member Christine Vassilakos. Shortly after this image was taken, we headed out on our first ride. Some were delayed because of the press requests for interviews...a good thing! Press coverage of the event has also been spectacular for the Monorail Society. Thanks Las Vegas Monorail!

David M. Ice
, Karl Buiter and Pat O'Doul point lenses from the MGM parking lot. David's friend Paul had the honors of being crew for the day, with tripod and drink carrying duties.

There are nine trains currently, and five of them didn't have sponsors. This is the curve around the MGM pedestrian bridge, which leads to the pool area (formerly a theme park area).

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