Opening Day! First Images, first impressions
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Pictures and commentary by Kim Pedersen (except where noted)

Another ninety-degree plus turn and we're on Paradise Road, headed north.

Paradise Road is probably the best example where Las Vegas demonstrates what monorail looks like on an average American four-lane road. These images look a little gloomier than they normally would. They were shot in the afternoon during Nevada's monsoon season and the skies were gray.

OK, once again, monorail is fast, traffic is slow. Traffic is not pleasant, whether you're in a car or a trolley. Ride the monorail!

Don't try this at home, kids! I wanted to get a shot of the amount of space that monorail takes, so a tiny bit of jay-walking was in order. Not much space needed! One lane is blocked off, not for monorail, but for an upcoming left-turn lane. The turn into the Chamber of Commerce is ahead of us.

One Seattle Councilman visited Las Vegas and stated he didn't like the looks of the cantilever supports. It's obvious that they are bulkier, but I think the design is artsy and they look great. Eye of the beholder, huh? Note the street light attached to the one in the foreground.

The Las Vegas Convention Center Station is operational, but the upstairs Nextel-sponsored entrance hall still needs another month or so of work. The station straddles across Desert Inn Road.

One of the best views on the route comes next, with a climb to around 70 feet to cross over the convention center pedestrian walkway. The next stop is visible behind the train, the Las Vegas Hilton.

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