The Niles Monorail History
Three of Nine

Support posts and a level keep the 4" X 4" pylons vertical while I cemented them in. That little redwood behind is my mom's tree, it now dwarfs the monorail track.

Neighbor and brother-in-law Dan Stevens gives a hand with a 16' 8" beam. The standard guage of rideable garden monorails is 4" X 8" track. Hey, I say so cuz I made the hobby up. ;-)

Dan and I accomplish two things at once, stress testing the track and resting.

We jump ahead a couple of years to April of 1999. By this point I had worked my way around to the back of the house. Cutting cement was a new skill I had to learn. Pounding out the holes took considerable labor. I tried to minimize the number of pylons in areas like this.

Cement going in.

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