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October 20, 2001. The big day arrives. I nervously make my way through a little speech to invited guests. Sincere thanks were given to Paul, Keith, Erika, Dan, Margrit and my family. How many wives would allow something like this in the backyard? Thanks Carol.
(all photos on this page by Paul M. Newitt)

On hand were family and friends. Note the prototype car on display.

Carol cuts the ribbon.

With the sound of Walt Disney's Monorail Song blasting out over the PA, Kory takes the train around the circuit. At the end of the run guests set off popper fireworks and Skyler blasted the full-size monorail horn in my Taurus.

After the ceremony guests got a closer look at the train. Here I'm showing Tom Blalock the inner workings. Tom is Fremont's BART director and a enthusiast for all kinds of trains.

The guests insisted that I take the train out for a demonstration, of which I was very happy to oblige. It's really great owning your own private monorail! Thanks again to all that helped make it possible.

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