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The OMSF is close to the airport and takes up only 34,600 square meters for train storage, maintenance, train cleaning, offices and control center. In the upper right corner, you can see part of the new terminal of Okinawa Airport.

After our ride, we returned to the OMSF and returned our temporary uniforms. Here's a look at the pretty new Hitachi trains lined up, ready to serve the citizens and visitors to Okinawa.

The latest Hitachi train, built on over 40 years of extensive monorail experience.

After a great day of touring, I presented a small token of appreciation on behalf of the Monorail Society to Kentatsu Ito and Hitachi for their hospitality, a one-of-a-kind framed press photo of the original Fühlingen Alweg test track.

One final look; it appears that a new trend has begun and the Japanese box-look train is out! (photo courtesy of Okinawa Monorail)

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