Monorails of Asia

Putrajaya Monorail construction as of March of 2004

Putrajaya, Malaysia

 Opening ?

18 km 

23 stations 

A spectacular new city is being developed about 20 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur. The City of Putrajaya is being called Malaysia's first Intelligent Garden City and will be host to many government and business facilities. Lush greenery, botanical gardens and parks are spread across landscapes enhanced by large bodies of water and wetlands. A light rail system was being planned for the city, and tunnels for the system were actually under construction when a major change was decided upon. Monorail Malaysia, builder of a 8.6 km system in Kuala Lumpur, convinced decision-makers to switch from light rail to monorail for the new city. Putrajaya Monorail will eventually consist of two lines. One line will be 12 km long with 17 stations and the second will be 6 km long with six stations. The system will be mostly underground on the central island and elevated in the city's 'mainland' areas. The completion of the Putrajaya Monorail has been delayed until there is a higher occupancy of the new city.

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