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Another view of the same station area.

From an enthusiasts point of view, the Shonan Monorail can be considered to be one of the most fun monorails to ride in the world. There's a sense of Peter Pan flight as you fly through the trees, up and down over hills.

Here's another split station. The train in the station will depart once we arrive next to it. Note the switch plate is in place for us to glide in to the platform on the left. Switches perform quietly, quickly and flawlessly 1000s of times each week. Without them, the system cannot function properly.

Hills! This shows one of the dramatic 10-degree grades that the Safege trains negotiate without effort.

At the southern end of the line is one of two tunnels along the route. This one has a healthy grade to it. At the other end of the tunnel you can see a switch for the next station on the line.

One last look of the fantastic Shonan Monorail emerging from a tunnel! More information of Safege technology is available in our Technical Pages.

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