Monorails of Australia


  Metro Monorail, Sydney

 Opened 1988

3.6 km 

8 stations

11,000 / day 

When a new tourist development was being designed for a once derelict harbour area in Sydney, the problem of getting people to and from Darling Harbour needed to be solved. The solution came in a short 26 months of design and construction: the Darling Harbour Monorail. Since renamed Metro Monorail, this was Von Roll's first Type III urban installation. The system is capable of transporting 5,000 passengers per hour. Since its opening, the loop that runs through downtown Sydney to Darling Harbour has become a must-see, must-ride for visitors to the city. Stations are located inside buildings, over freeways, at hotels and near several tourist destinations. It is privately owned and operated by the Metro Transport Sydney by Veolia. One controversial aspect of the system has been the advertising stickers applied to the sides of the trains. Ads vary as much as any billboard and are changed periodically. Of course the 1000s of buses carrying ads create virtually no protests. Can you say "double standard?"

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