Sydney Monorail - a Photo Essay
photos and commentary by Kim Pedersen

How about a nice close up view of light rail track?

Side by side! It's pretty easy to see which rail system is greener, literally!

At the southernmost segment of the loop, the monorail turns to the east after a stretch running through a narrow stretch of trees.

We're at Haymarket Metro Monorail and Metro Light Rail Station. I hope that fellow looked both ways before walking. No train vs. pedestrian concerns once he walks under the monorail of course.

Here's a nice close up of Haymarket Station, as seen in a mirrored and marbled pylon. Those two folks are the 1997 version of Kim and Carol Pedersen. Yes, that dates when these photos were taken! They're pre-digital era images too, thank goodness for scanners.

Distances between pylons vary in lengths between 25 and 35 meters. Some curves appear under-supported, like this one, but the steel guideway easily carries the load.

After a stop and Garden Plaza, a station that was added years after the system opened, the line heads back uphill and into downtown along Liverpool Street. Note again that the monorail takes up very little space. It even has trees wrapped around it.

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