ALWEG - Propulsion, Braking & Power

Each Seattle ALWEG train is powered by eight 100 horsepower motors, one for each set of driving wheels. Driving power is transmitted from the driving motor by propeller shafts via a double reduction gearbox to the wheels. Braking is an air operated system in conjunction with dynamic braking. Failsafe mechanisms are in place in case of air pressure failure. The heart of the train's electrical system is the main control package, which controls all acceleration and deceleration functions. Trains are powered by 600 volts DC, obtained from contact rails, positive and negative, running alongside the beam and picked up by current collector shoes installed under the cars. The maximum acceleration rate is 2.5 m/h/s (miles per hour per second.) The maximum normal deceleration rate is 3.3 m/h/s and the emergency deceleration rate is 5.7 m/h/s.)

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