Disney/Bombardier Footprint

For compatibility reasons, Bombardier kept the standard Disney beamway size of 26" (660mm) wide by 48" (1.22m) in the middle and 80" (2.03m) at the ends. These precast, prestressed girders are between 90 and 110 feet (27.4m to 33.5m) in length. They have a hollow center core to keep the weights under 50 tons. Some of the girders have some combination of vertical and horizontal curvature). The minimum curve radius is 250 ft (76.2m). Compare the Disney beamway to a typical elevated standard rail (4'8.5" [1.435m] gauge)

From 1981 Disney brochure promoting Mark IV system.

The piers per mile count is 50 with monorail, whereas in standard rail the pier count is 75. Also notice the per-mile amounts of steel and concrete required for both monorail and light rail: 4.6 times the concrete and 2.4 times the steel, not to mention the aesthetics.

Dual beam guideways are on 12' centers. To conform with modern transit standards, Bombardier has added an optional emergency evacuation walkway to the design, although it has not been retrofitted to Disney World.

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