Disney/Bombardier Rolling Stock

Mark VI train configurations at Walt Disney World.
   Mark VI trains are 203'6" long (62m). Cab cars are 40'5" (12.3m) long and intermediate cars are 28'2" (8.6m). Intercar distance is 2' (.61m). Width is 8'4.5" (2.55m), and interior height is 6'10.75" (2.1m). The bottom skirt extends 3'6.75" (1.09m) from the top of the floor. The car body is made of composite shells, and they sit on top of square and round tubing-based truss assemblies (see diagrams). Each car has 4 doors, two on each side. The trains are fully air conditioned. Each Mark VI car can carry 20 passengers seated and 40 passengers standing. Thus, each train can carry 360 people.

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