Eurotren Monoviga Footprint/Suspension

The design center for the Eurotren Monoviga is as follows:
- Reduced weight using aerospace materials.
- Load spreading, with 2.5 to 3.5 metric tons per wheel
- Eliminate conventional bogies and replace with "rodales," which are directly joined to the vehicle body.

- The whole train is metameric, that is, it's like an articulated bus, and not a succession of independent vehicles such as a conventional train.
- The individual modules of the train are linked by perimetral knuckle joints. Thus, there are no end-of-car walls and doors as on conventional trains.

"Endless car" configuration of Spanish test vehicle.

Rodales are directly attached to the body of the vehicles. Each car has 4 sets of tires, 2 lateral and 2 horizontal. Vehicle weight is supported on the horizontal segment of the track, rather than on the narrow beam top as Alweg monorails are. This gives extra stability, a lower center of gravity, and the ability of removing wheel wells from trains (as in some Alweg designs). These beams are larger and heavier than an Alweg beam (1.9m [74.8"] wide by 1.3m [51.2"] tall, 200,000 pounds per 125 foot section). The gauge is 1500mm (4'11"). However, by The Monorail Society definition, this technology is absolutely monorail. The total weight of the EM 403 with load is 34.1 metric tons.

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