Maglev 2000 - Technical Maturity & Cost

Technical Maturity and Cost:
The cost of the elevated narrow beam guideway system has been estimated at $10-$12 million per mile for a double track built on a single pier system. This cost is for the guideway and components only built on flat, stable ground and does not include civil works, right of way or unusual topographical conditions. Planar guideway sections at grade are even less expensive. These costs are about one-quarter to one-third of the guideway costs for foreign maglev systems and are somewhat less than conventional rail infrastructure in those places where the two can be meaningfully compared. The low unit cost of the Maglev 2000 system makes it uniquely attractive for high-speed, long distance transportation in North America. With appropriate technological adaptations oriented toward lower speed urban/suburban applications, the MAGLEV 2000 system can also provide low cost transit services in that operating environment as well. In fact, MAGLEV 2000 vehicles can be operated on both high-speed and urban routes.

A jointly funded program involving state and federal agencies and private companies is being conducted at the company's Maglev Operations Center (MOC) near Cape Canaveral, Florida. This program has been underway for several years and the first phase will be completed in early 20003. Currently, system components are being manufactured, fabricated and assembled at the MOC. These include a 50' vehicle shell and chassis; guideway coil panels that contain the levitation, propulsion and stability coils; superconducting magnets that will be attached to the vehicle chassis; cryogen systems to cool the magnets; and various operating control, monitoring, and measurement mechanisms. In early 2003 the basic levitation, stability and propulsion systems will be demonstrated using the vehicle chassis only inside the MOC on a section of planar guideway. At the conclusion of these tests and demonstrations, the MAGLEV 2000 system components can be produced and the full vehicle assembled for final demonstration on the outside test guideway.

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