Scomi Rolling Stock

Scomi prototype vehicle on test track

The car bodies have a steel chassis, stainless steel structure and make use of aluminum and composite structures. Weight of each car of the train is 15000 kg. The length of a two car train is 23.4 m and a 4-car train would be 44.8m in length. The train is 3.08 meters wide and 4.33 meters tall. Capacities range from 106 to 125 passengers/car, depending on seating configuration (20 or 24.) In the standard Alweg tradition, walk-through between the trains is provided. There are 2, 1.5m doors on each side each car (4 total per car.) Distance from top of beam to floor is 70cm (.7m,) which is significantly less than the current Hitachi designs in Japan.

Load tires are metro-type, nitrogen filled with internal run-flat capability. They are 1.006m in diameter when new.

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