Transrapid - Levitation/Guidance

Transrapid utilizes (EMS) non-contact levitation, guidance and propulsion systems that safely and efficiently move the vehicle down a fixed guideway. Vehicle levitation is achieved by the attraction between the ferromagnetic stator packs mounted on the guideway (passive portion) and the individually controlled magnets located in the vehicle undercarriage (active portion). Lateral guidance is attained by the interaction of guidance magnets, mounted to the side of the vehicle undercarriage, and the steel guidance rails, attached to the guideway. Individual levitation and guidance magnets are grouped together and mounted continuously on both sides along the entire length of the vehicle. Likewise, system components mounted to the guideway, are fixed continuously on both sides. At stopping areas where the vehicle is set down, sliding rails on the top of the guideway support the vehicle. During operation, a highly reliable and redundant electrical control system ensures that the vehicle levitates at a constant distance of three-eighths of an inch (10 mm) from the guideway at all speeds. A secondary suspension us used with pneumatic springs.

Cutaway of TR-07 running gear.

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