Transit Monorails of the World


  It's hard to believe, but there are many so-called transportation "experts" that will tell you that "monorails aren't proven in transit applications." In this section we prove them wrong by showing where transit monorails are and tell you a bit about them. So have a look around...around the Monorails of the World that is!
  • Monorails of Asia
  • Monorails of Africa
  • Monorails of Oceania
  • Monorails of Europe
  • Monorails of Japan
  • Monorails of North America
  • Monorails of South America


    Please note that the monorails listed in these pages are MULTI-STATION systems. We do not include the dozens of recreation or view-giving minirails here. Our efforts are primarily geared towards proving monorail's ability to carry people from point to point as TRANSIT. While some of these monorails are at zoos or amusement parks, they were installed with more than one operating station and therefore fit the category of 'transit monorail.' If you are interested in one-station ride monorails, some are described in our Novelty Monorails section. For maglevs, please see our Maglev Monorail section. We also do not currently list cable-driven shuttle systems (such as the Mud Island "Monorail" in Memphis or Dresden's hill-climbing suspended tram). These are primarily horizontal or angled elevators for short distances and not the primary focus of The Monorail Society.