No. 9999 from Hong Kong

Like many of the toys from the 1950s and 1960s, the artwork on the box can be more interesting than the contents. This particular toy appeared during the beginning of the jet age (note the airliner), and at a time when monorails were gaining a lot of attention.

Here we are! As the cover advertises, a 19-piece battery operated monorail toy is included. Since there isn't a catchy title on the box cover, we thought it would be best to identify this collectible by its 9999 part number, listed on the side of the box. Did the Hong Kong company that made this really have 9998 toys preceding this one?

This is a unique wheel configuration. No, there are no bogies and the flanged wheels are indeed turned at an angle. Why?

The reason for angled axles is that this little monorail only knows one course...a circle! Extra track would be of no use with this set.

The green/yellow vehicle includes a small light in front. Note some of the other details: dapper-looking passengers, sliding doors (they don't), and horns on the roof. The "industrial" steel-like supports are unique, complete with rivets.

Not only do we have a handsome driver in uniform, but a happy man as well!
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