Rokenbok toy - monorail work for kids!
(collectible for adults)

RR 415 dumps a load. Nice mustache, Mr. Driver Man.

Alignments are up to the imagination of the builder, providing the neighborhoods approve of course.

One optional item that can really make layouts interesting is the monorail switch. Monorail switch without problems? Yep, they work just fine (see Switch Myth).

photographs courtesy of the Rokenbok Website


A lot of the collectibles we focus on are items that are no longer available as new. Here's one that is, the Rokenbok monorail toy. Rokenbok has come up with a toy that can keep kids busy for hours. The freighter monorail doesn't just cruise around tracks that you build, but it "works" by transporting loads from one area to another.

Rokenbok tells us you can "pick up and deliver ROK Payloads throughout your world with the Monorail's automated side-to-side dumping trailer bed! The RC Monorail can do it all! This first-of-its-kind vehicle glides across a track created from standard Rokenbok beam and block building pieces. Designed to interact with conveyors, chutes, hoppers, and all your other Rokenbok RC vehicles."

We're not too sure we like this feature, a monorail grade crossing! How about we leave that potential disaster to light rail, OK?

Time to load up the freighter! For a real nice online video of the toy in action, be sure to visit the Monorail Toy pages of the Rokenbok Website.

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