Wuppertal Hielscher Model Railroad

In what is perhaps one of the finest operable monorail collectibles, Lutz Hielscher Technische Spielwaren offers a number of Wuppertal Schwebebahn model railroad sets, as well as items to expand your display. Lutz Hielscher of Wuppertal developed the models in H0 (1:87) and N (1:160) guages.  The image above shows the highly-detailed Zoo-Stadion station, along with a classic 1901-era train.

Trainsets of the familiar blue-orange trains of today look just like the real thing.

The basic "Overhead Railway Emperor's Wagen of 1901 Set comes with 2 straight frames and 5 supports, 2 turning points, 1 motor car, 1 trailer and 1 charging adapter. The display above has had the station added.

The set is extendable with additional old or new cars, straight or curved track segments, two different support styles (as seen here, over river & over land supports), a station building (Zoo-Stadion), and 10 sitting passengers in 1901 clothes (in H0 only)..

Excellent work Mr. Hielscher, we thank you for your dedication!

Lutz Hielscher Technische Spielwaren website

(pictures courtesy of Hielscher-Dampfmodelle.de)
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