Construction Gallery - Bologna, Italy

June 2016 photos courtesy of Intamin Transportation Ltd.

As of June 2016, construction is under way on Bologna's Marconi Express. Intamin has a contract for three P30/50 trains, part of the track and the control system.
The monorail will link Bologna Centrale Rail Station with Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport. P30 trains are capable of speeds up to 80 km/h. The 5-kilometer line will have one intermediate station at Lazzaretto. At times of increased ridership, two of the trains can be coupled and run as a pair. Unique to the Bologna system will be the application of solar power via panels installed alongside the guideway. The monorail track will be placed on top of a bridge-like superstructure, similar to Jacksonville's monorail yet perhaps more 'minimalist.' It is estimated that one million passengers will use Marconi Express in its first year of operation, now projected to begin in 2019.

This map shows the alignment of the Marconi Express. The majority of the line will be single-tracked. At Lazzaretto Station there will be double track and a traverser/depot. Provisions for double tracking are being included at the airport (see images below), but the system will initially operate there with one track.

It has been a long wait (politics), but happily 2016 finally brings us real construction to look at.

Pylon rebar ready for placement

A pylon going in place, complete with graceful tapering at the top

Construction at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

Provisions for double tracks at the airport station.

Sleek pylons await a new station and monorail track. Note the blue pylon form at the lower left corner.

Thanks kindly to Intamin Transportation for these photographs!

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