Construction Gallery - Dortmund University, Germany
March 2003 photos by Amaury Jacquot

Siemens second generation H-Bahn car cruises along low section of track as it approaches a ground level station.

The H-Bahn system uses very slender supports and guideway.

This map is courtesy of the Dortmund H-Bahn website. The dotted red line signifies the 1.2 km extension to a science park under construction during the Spring of 2003.

A dark and rainy day didn't stop Amaury from documenting the new line work for us!

Pylons are in place, guideway will follow soon.

Again, H-Bahn has very slender pylons. In fact, they're not much more obtrusive than light or power poles.

The rain is kicking in now, so here's one last shot of new guideway in place. Mobile work platforms suspended from the track are tarp-covered to protect workers from the weather. Thanks Amaury for sharing these pictures!

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