Construction Gallery - Las Vegas, Nevada.

April and May, 2002 images courtesy of Carter & Burgess, Inc. of Nevada.

10 new beams between the Sahara and Hilton were lifted into place this week.

Paradise Road.

Tall columns by the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This will be the highest portion of the trip as trains will cross over a pedestrian bridge.

Previous Las Vegas construction pictures:
May 3, 2002, beam manufacturing continues.
March 26, 2002, first dual-guideway beams up.
March 22-24, 2002, first look at t-supports.
January 16-17, 2002, first beam lifted into place.
January 2-3, 2002, columns and rebar.
December 2001 beam yard images.
October 2001 first pylons and track.
August 2001 ground breaking images

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