Construction Gallery - Mumbai Monorail, India.

January 2010 photos courtesy of Larsen & Toubro

One of the first monorail beams for a new system: a beautiful sight for monorailists! Scomi's first system outside Malaysia will feature flat-sided beams, unlike the classic indented-Alweg track of their monorail in Kuala Lumpur. This beam is being attached to special trailers for transportation to the monorail alignment.

Here we are at the alignment, where brand new pylons await track. Those cranes are ready too.

Workers make final preparations before the beam is lifted.

Here we go! Mumbai's first monorail track is lifted into place.

From a different angle we can see several of the graceful Y-shaped pylons.

In a matter of days, with little disruption to the surrounding area, twelve pieces of track are in place. Temporary bracing holds the track perfectly in position while gaps are filled with concrete. Even during the construction phase it's evident that Mumbai Monorail has a good chance of being one of the best looking monorail systems in the world.

Wasting no time, Scomi lifted the first Scomi 'Sutra' monorail car onto the beam and ran it for a short test run on January 26, 2010. The Indian flag is proudly waved as the country works to add itself to the nations of the world with monorail!

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