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Naha Monorail Extension
Okinawa, Japan.

photographs courtesy of Luke Starkenburg
October 2016

The Okinawa Monorail has been operating successfully since it opened in 2003. If you aren't familiar with it, have a look at our six-page Okinawa Monorail Special Feature, which was documented shortly before its opening. The alignment map above shows the four-station extension now under construction. Rail documentarian Luke Starkenburg went to great lengths to explore the new alignment area, and we are pleased to share his photos.

Shuri Station is the current north end terminal station, complete with the steel curved track headed towards this new pylon. The pylon is designed to support steel track on the left and concrete beams to the right. Steel is used when longer spans are needed.

More combined concrete/steel segments will travel over the top of this hill.

To date, these four beams make up the only track installed on the 4.1-kilometer extension.

The first new station will be in this area, hence the extra 'beefy' scaffolding and pylons.

Luke reports there was much activity at this location with many workers.

In this area a portion of a cemetary was relocated and earth was cut down to permit monorail to pass.

Luke spotted this cafe along the alignment, complete with one of the coolest monorail logo signs we've seen. Get on your scooter and come on over.

A nice look at a station foundation

At the point the monorail will cross over this existing road tunnel. Judging by the pylon configuration, this is also a station location.

On the north side of the tunnel

Towards the end of the line the track will dip into a tunnel.

This artist rendering shows the monorail tunnel entrance.

This billboard shows what the new Okinawa Monorail terminal station will look like, next to a new roadway also under construction. Construction can be seen to the right of the sign.

This one is added for fun under the heading 'You never know what you'll see when you travel!'

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