Construction Gallery - Qom, Iran.

November 2011 photos courtesy of S.M. Mahdi Peyghambarzadeh and the Iranian Railway Transportation Co. (IRTCo)

Iran's first monorail is under construction in the City of Qom.
The city is 156 kilometers southwest of Tehran and is considered holy by Shi'a Islam.
The population is currently around 700,000.

The Qom Monorail is being built under a joint venture of two large Iranian companies, Mapna & Kayson.

Workers on scaffolding prepare pylon rebar for its next concrete pour.

A side view of one of the two-section supports where combined pre-stressed monorail track sections will meet.

A steel form is in place for a concrete pour at the top.

Monorail pylons rising amongst the shrines and mosques of Qom. 

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