Construction Gallery - Xi'an, China.

April/May 2012 photos courtesy of Intamin Transportation Ltd.

Intamin's P8/48 Monorail features the sleek design monorailists love to see.

These two photos were shot in Switzerland shortly after this first P8/48 was completed for Xi'an. Three P8/48 trains have since arrived onsite.

Car seven (the squarish rear car seen in the first photo), contains electronics for motors and other system functions. This photo shows car seven's interior during installation. The train can be driven backwards from here with a remote unit.

The storage/maintenance facility is still a buzz of construction activity. System testing and commissioning is scheduled to start in July.

Intamin's small environmental imprint steel pylons and guideway are 80% complete as of this page posting (June 2, 2012).

The system is features a 9.6-kilometer single-tracked loop.

One of the eleven stations can be seen here. Note the taller beam for the long span across the roadway.

A view from the station.

Looking the other way from the station. The Xi'an Monorail is scheduled to open in October of 2012.

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