Aerorail - Suspension and Propulsion

The Aerorail guideway rails are two #115 standard railroad rails with a 1m gauge. Wheels are 30" in diameter. As in other state-of-the-art transit systems, propulsion is by VVVF (Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency) 3-phase AC traction motors, rectified from a 750 VDC power rail that runs inside of the guideway. Braking is also regenerative. Emergency stopping will include mechanical braking. Horsepower is over 2000 per car.

The vertical support for the vehicle's passenger compartment is by two tubular steel hangars with a pair of hydraulic springs that are used to dampen the oscillation and permit banking in curves. All electrical and HVAC systems are located above the passenger compartment (as they are in the Mitsubishi's systems.) Compare this to the ALWEG systems, where equipment is below the passenger compartment.

Minimum turning radius is 50 feet, about a third of what is required in a conventional light rail system.

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