Bombardier UM series

Universal Mobility Inc. had provided monorails in nine locations in the USA before Bombardier's TGI Division purchased them: HersheyPark (1969), Cal Expo (1969), Magic Mountain (1971), Carowinds (1973), King's Island (1974), King's Dominion (1975), Minnesota Zoo (1979), Miami MetroZoo (1982), and the Louisiana World's Fair (1984). TGI won a bid to provide the people-mover system at the Tampa International Airport in 1991. In 1994, Bombardier was selected by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority to replace its existing Matra-built people-mover with a totally automated monorail. Unlike the Tampa airport, the beamway in Jacksonville is made of concrete. The system opened in 1997.

Tampa International UMIII.

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