Eurotren Monoviga

The Eurotren Monoviga is the brain child of Dr. Julio Pinto Silva. Dr. Silva is a highly respected Spanish inventor once named European Expert in Railways and High Speed Transport by the Commission of European Chamber of Extrajudicial Arbiters and Technical Advisors of the EEC.

Based in Spain, in 1980 Dr. Pinto Silva formed Eurotren Monoviga S.A. A 1/8th scale model was introduced in 1984 by the Spanish Minister of Transport. The 155-meter model operated in the Gardens of the Nuevos Ministerios of Madrid. Moving quickly to prove their ideas, the EM-403 full scale prototype was built and tested on a 1.5 mile (2.4 km) test track near Seville. Testing was completed in 1989. At first glance, the EM 403 and its proposed successors look similar to Alweg straddle beam monorails. Take a closer look at the track. It is made up of an inverted T-shaped beam. As in other systems, the track can be made of concrete or steel.

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