Tires for the Bombardier Innovia 200

As with your family car, the tires are a very important element of the Las Vegas Bombardier Innovia Monorail 200. The official supplier of wheels, tires, and run flat devices for this monorail is Michelin. There are three different tires used in the Las Vegas monorail.

The load tires are 445/65R22.5 XZA Metro Tires, which were specifically modified for transit applications. There are eight tires per train. The load per tire is greater than 15,000 pounds per tire. The inflation pressure is 145psi, which helps get to the load capacity. Pure nitrogen is used to inflate the tires. The front and back tire on each four car train has what is called "run flat" capability. There is a Michelin-made aluminum inner-wheel that permits limping back to the maintenance yard. Michelin makes the 22.5 X 14.00" wheels. Historically, the Mark VI trains that the Innovia 200 are based on are getting over 100,000 miles on a set of load tires. Maximum speed on the 4-mile run is approximately 47-mph.

First Bombardier cars placed on Las Vegas track in 2003. Photo by John Flores.

Michelin 445/65R22.5 XZA Metro Tire carries the load.

The guide tires are going to be 6.00R9 XPMC tires, specifically made for transit applications. There are 32 guide tires per 4-car train. At present, each tire is inflated to (11.5 bar) 168 psi and is rated for a maximum load of 3,000 + pounds per tire. The axles for these tires are spring loaded to help maintain good contact on both sides of the beam at all times. All guide tires have Michelin-made "run flat" capability. Contrast that to the run-flat capability to that of Seattle or Kuala Lumpur, which use separately attached "hard" wheels to back up the main tire. The "run flat" capability on the 6.00R9 XPMC is part of the Michelin tire. Again, pure nitrogen is used.

M-VI Michelin 6.00R9 XPMC guide tires

There are four steering tires per train, 2 on the front cab car and 2 on the rear cab car. These will be 150/75R8 XGM tires.

For more details on bogie design, see the Disney/Bombardier Suspension Page. Note that the guide tire bogie/axle design is significantly different on the 200 than on the older Mark VI used for Walt Disney World

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