Titan Global Systems

Titan Global's history dates back to the Miami Seaquarium Monorail, which was built in 1962. It withstood many hurricanes, but its novelty had lessened and it was removed in the early 1990's. Another Titan product was the Los Angeles Fair monorail which operated in Pomona, California for 24 years. But by far the most impressive Titan system was the first demand-repsponsive, automated transit system with a then-unmatched operating record of 99.9% availability in over thirteen years of revenue service. That was the Jetrail Monorail system at Love Field in Dallas, Texas (pictured at right). Since then Titan has worked on several proposed projects, but no new I-Beam monorails have resulted from studies. Titan Global offers three different linear motor monorail systems:

The "PRT" system operates at a speed of 12-15 mph and utilizes a 4-20 passenger vehicle.

The "JETRAIL" systems operates at a speed of 35 mph and utilizes a 30-50 passenger vehicle.

The "ASTROGLIDE" system operates at a speed of 50-70 mph and features a 75 passenger vehicle with a crush load of 112 passengers.

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