Von Roll/Adtranz Footprint

sThe Von Roll/Adtranz system uses a box girder fabricated steel beam. Dimensions are 832mm (32.8") high by 700mm (27.6") wide. On top of the beam, there is a 940mm (37") flange. This provides a 120mm (4.7") overhang on each side. Under this flange on each side are 2 up-thrust wheels (per bogie). These wheels hold the train tightly to the track. Typical spans are 30m (98.4') on straightaways, and 23m (75.5') on curves. Support columns are typically 690mm (27.2") by 250mm (9.8") in size, also made of steel. The minimum radius of curves is 20m (65.6'). Maximum gradients are 4.6% up and 6.6% down. The track is elevated at least 5.5m (18') above grade.


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