Tracey vs. the Monorail

A dissatisfied Las Vegas monorail rider questions system expansion. Warns about dangerous effects monorails have on officials and investors.

Ref: We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting a Monorail

Ms. Lindeman writes that since the Las Vegas monorail is underused and has had financial problems it should receive no expenditure for expansion. In other words, it should remain small and ineffective, serving only a few hotels.

She goes on to point out how most monorails around the world are in the same state - that is, they “go nowhere”. Oddly though, as she point out, the largest monorail system, the one with the most financial backing, the one that goes to lots of places, is thriving and moves hundreds of thousands of people each day.

The reason, Ms. Lindeman, that the Las Vegas monorail was vacant the day you rode it is because it was installed in an inconvenient location, and since it serves only a handful of hotels and not the airport or anywhere else people need and want to go, there’s not much reason to ride it. But that can be changed.

Expanding the monorail to service more hotels and locations throughout the city will increase ridership, which in turn will make it a viable enterprise, and that will be good for Las Vegas.

In a world where economies loose billions each year due to traffic congestion and in a world rapidly warming due to human consumption of fossil fuels we need more green, electric, automated transportation systems like the Las Vegas monorail, and they need to be given prime “front row” locations in US cities and supported by strong financial backing. This is a commitment to America’s future.

The first city to do monorail correctly will be the envy of the world.