Pearlridge Center Monorail - a Photo Essay
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After a quick turn, the Rohr train begins its way up the hill to Uptown Pearlridge.

Pearlridge is Rohr's one and only monorail. Rohr chose inverted-T technology.

The monorail cabins keep us dry during Hawaiian rain showers. Cars are also air-conditioned.

This view looking uphill was taken from Downtown's parking garage.

After many years of service, several aspects of the system technology (including system controls, propulsion, communication, other) required rehabilitation and/or upgrades. Pearlridge management turned to Jakes Associates Inc. of San Jose, California (JAI) to create a comprehensive system assessment and rehabilitation program. JAI performed technology assessments, a life cycle cost evaluation, and other critical initial planning tasks to assist Pearlridge management in choosing the best course of action. JAI further supported Pearlridge through RFP development (Request For Proposal), contractor selection, contract development, program and construction management, and system testing and commissioning. The end result is that the monorail is good to go for many more years of service!

Box beams on the straight track sections allow for distances between pylons of around 38 meters (125 ft.).

Pearlridge Center Monorail is the world's only inverted-t monorail in use for a transit application, although numerous proposals for larger systems have been made over the years. (See our Technical Pages for further information on inverted-T monorails)

Pearlridge Center's Uptown Station was built on the pre-existing rooftop parking lot.

If you like a monorail view with your pizza, Pearlridge Center delivers. After a grueling photography session, please excuse me while I have a bite to eat.

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