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Bangkok Monorail Opens To Public - June 2023

After 5 years construction, Bangkok's MRT Yellow Line Monorail has opened to the public. The 17 mile system has 23 stations.

Posted 6/23/2023


Mega Monorail News Sensational - November 2022

  • The Dominican Republic Builds Monorail Mega-project
  • Panama Builds First Monorail System
  • Tokyo to extend Tama Monorail

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Posted 10/29/2022


Egypt Goes All Out for Monorail

Egypt is currently building one of the longest monorail systems in the world. The Cairo monorail will stretch 26 miles west from Cairo and 33 miles east. It will have over 30 stations and serve hundreds of thousands of riders per day. It's expected to open to the public next year.

Full Article

Posted 6/4/2022


Driverless Cars - A Dangerous Distraction

University of Virginia Professor Peter Norton warns that self-driving vehicles are merely the latest example of the auto-industry peddling a car-dependent future... one in which automotive technology can solve our problems. These are the same promises that have kept us on a treadmill of car dependency for 80 years.

He says we can meet our mobility needs with what we have right now, and that we must adapt our geography so it’s more cost-effective to have transit, walking and cycling.

Full Editorial

Posted 4/30/2022


Electric cars and Monorail

Electric cars and trains support each other in a carbon-free partnership.

Ride the right tool for the job...

Posted 10/31/2021


TMS Offers Plan To Fight Climate Change

We must drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels if we are to ward off global disaster, and monorails can help us do just that!

Monorails fight climate change...

Updated 8/21/2021


Monorails Prove Their Worth In The Virtual Arena

Computer game enthusiasts are realizing the importance of monorail technology.

Monorails Supporting Virtual Cities...

Posted 10/2/2021


US Mayor Urges "Imagine Monorail"

Waltham, MA Mayor Jeannette McCarthy wants you to "Imagine if your commute could be like a Disney ride..." She says monorail is a "creative solution to deal with quality-of-life issues" facing her city. She says we must "plan for the future". She says Waltham must install a monorail to stay "competitive". Full video at

Posted 8/21/2021


SOONish Interview with TMS Founder Kim Pedersen

SOONish host Wade Roush speaks with TMS founder Kim Pedersen on the origins of Kim's interest in monorails; the birth of the Monorail Society; the inextricable ties between Walt Disney and monorail development in the US; his own efforts to help get a massive regional monorail project off the ground in Seattle; the boom in monorail construction in other countries; and the difficulties besetting the technology here in America. Full video at

Posted 8/21/2021


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