Monorails of Europe


Alton Towers, England

 Opened 1987

3.2 km 

 2 stations

You can't pick up a subway system and move it across the planet. In that respect, light rail isn't very mobile either. But it's not a problem with monorail. The track is modular, easily transported and the pylons do not require a lot of ground work if moved. These Von Roll II trains now carry passengers from a remote parking lot to the entrance of this popular park in England, but they once carried thousands of passengers at Expo 86 in Vancouver, Canada. The seven trains carry up to 100 people each. System capacity is 4,800 passengers per hour. Top speed of this peoplemover class system is 27 kph. The monorail system was officially opened by William Shatner (Captain Kirk of Star Trek) on August 13, 1987.

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