Monorails of Europe

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System A Few Words Opening
Wuppertal, Germany World's oldest operating monorail system. 1901
Beaulieu, England Two station attraction connector. 1974
Dortmund, Germany Peoplemover-scale suspended monorail. 1984
Alton Towers, England Transplanted from Canada. 1987
Chester Zoo, England Not just a view of animals. 1991
Europa Park, Germany Theme park to parking lot transportation. 1996
Mirabilandia, Italy Theme park transportation. 1999
Düsseldorf International, Germany Suspended monorail connector between a rail station and the airport terminal. 2002
Moscow, Russia Intamin system linking major city sights and Metro stations. 2005
Zaragoza, Spain Short shuttle located at Plaza Imperial 2008
Ankara, Turkey Metro/development minirail connector 2012
Krasnogorsk, Russia Russia's interpretation of H-Bahn/Safege 201?
Bologna, Italy Rail station to airport shuttle 2019

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