Monorails of Asia

Intamin's first monorail in Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietnam

 Opened 2016

3.0 km 

3 stations

Asia Park theme park in the central city of Da Nang in Vietnam opened in 2015. The park is located at Hoa Cuong Bac Ward in Hai Chau District and features a Intamin P6 monorail/tram system. When the park is complete, Asia Park is expected to welcome about 2.5 million visitors each year. It includes a culture park, an amusement park and a multi-functional center. For transport and sightseeing purposes eight Intamin monorail trains P6/66 travel within the park. The monorail opened January 1, 2016. The trains provide a ride all over the exhibition area and transit service is provided between three stations. More than 2,000 passengers per hour can enjoy their trip along the 3-kilometer route.

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