Monorails of Asia

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System A Few Words Opening
Lotte World, Korea Indoor-outdoor minirail. 1986
Window on the World, China First monorail in China. 1993
Shenzhen, China  Intamin's first urban system 1998
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia's first major monorail outside Japan. 2003
Chongqing, China China's first major system, now the longest in the world. 2005
Bangkok, Thailand Chiang Mai Zoo monorail 2005
Sentosa, Singapore Hitachi's first "small monorail." 2007
Shanghai, China 1st multi-story in-store transport 2008
Palm Jumeirah, UAE First major monorail in Middle East 2009
Malacca, Malaysia Short tourist shuttle 2010
Mumbai, India 1st monorail for India 2014
Xi'an, China 1st Intamin P8/48 system 2015
Daegu, South Korea Hitachi's biggest non-Japan contract 2015
Da Nang, Vietnam Transport at Asia Park 2016
Qom, Iran 1st Iranian monorail ?
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Bombardier's first outside Americas ?

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