Monorails of Asia

Daegu in the green
The very-green Daegu Monorail

Daegu, South Korea

 Opened 2015

24 km 

30 stations 

Per a contract signed in 2008, Hitachi built a US $333 million monorail system in Daegu, the fourth largest city in South Korea. The 24-kilometer system connects southeastern and northwestern sections of the city. This is Hitachi's largest order for monorail outside of Japan, and follows systems sold in China, Singapore and United Arab Emirates. Daegu's train design is arguably Hitachi's best to date, and was selected by Daegu citizens from three choices. The monorail features three spectacular bridges. The alignment has been enhanced environmentally with a generous amount of landscaping. The monorail opened to the public on April 23, 2015 after extensive testing and safety training.

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