Monorails of Asia

Palm Jumeirah train at manufacturing plant in Japan. Photo courtesy of Hitachi

Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates

 Opened 2009

5.4 km 

2 stations 

A spectacular new man-made island has been built near Dubai in the shape of a palm. On the island are upscale residences, resorts and attractions. Hitachi built a monorail system to connect major points on the trunk island with the gateway. The system is driverless, but attendants are onboard in the same way as a similar monorail has at Tokyo Disney Resort. Stations include Gateway Towers and Atlantis Resort. Two unused mid-way stations will be opened for developments opening in 2016. Nakheel Mall and The Pointe will double the number of stations on the line. A 2-km extension is alaso planned to connect with the Dubai Metro. The monorail system is the first major monorail in the Middle East and the first rail system in United Arab Emirates.

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