The Niles Monorail Tour
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That number "4" on the beam tells the driver the maximum allowed power setting. Along the house it's full speed.

How about that, even the builder drives sometimes! This photo by was shot from the back porch. It's a bit surprising for visitors to look out back and see a monorail cruise by, but that's part of the fun.
(photo by Paul M. Newitt)

Lookin' good!

Now we're approaching my favorite part of the trip, the downhill curving turns back to Kitchen View Station.

That's straight beam on the right. It's a laminated custom cut beam from the lumber yard. Curves are made up of vertical 3/8" plywood pieces with a horizontal 3/4" plywood strip on top for a smooth running surface (track on left). Long bolts are driven in at the junctions at an angle to tie the beam sections together, post-tensioned so to speak. Pylons are numbered in order, 1 through 31 on the loop.

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