The Niles Monorail
TMS Exclusive!

In October of 2001, TMS President Kim Pedersen dedicated the Niles Monorail, thereby introducing a new hobby to the world...rideable garden monorails. What follows are two photo essays on the backyard creation: one is a tour of the system and the other follows the history of its development. Whether others decide to take up this unique hobby remains to be seen. At the very least, these images certainly indicate the devotion our president has to monorails (or fanaticism, depending on your point of view)! Photographs are by members of the Pedersen family (unless otherwise noted) and are all copyrighted by The Monorail Society. For those of you visiting this page because you saw the Niles Monorail on TV or in the press, please be sure to explore the rest of The Monorail Society Website for a wealth of information and photographs on this fascinating mode of transit!

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The Niles Monorail - A Photo Tour

Follow the train as it makes its way around the backyard in this five-page tour. Captions are written by Kim Pedersen, creator of the Niles Monorail.

Be sure to visit our Panorama Page for a 360 degree view of the Niles Monorail.




The Niles Monorail - A Bit of History

From concept to ribbon-cutting. Designer/builder Kim Pedersen tells his story in pictures and words how the idea came about and how he built it. Do you want your own garden monorail too? Read this first friends, you should know what you're up against!




The Niles Monorail - Mini-Movie (1.3 MB)

This 15 second mpeg movie features Kory Pedersen demonstrating the Niles Monorail for his Grandpa and Grandma. The train had recently been upgraded to its second, more powerful scooter motor and Kory "floored it" to see what it could do.



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