The Niles Monorail History
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I've wanted my own rideable monorail for a long time and these little sketches are proof. In fact, the dream goes way back before I got involved in monorail promotion for transit. I drew these while I was a high school junior way back in February of 1969. My Dad wouldn't give me a permit to build it though, so the dream would have to wait...a long time it turns out.

Decades passed by and the sketching continued. I don't give up my dreams very easily. It wasn't until we Pedersens had a house suitable for a monorail that things really got going.

After making dozens and dozens of drawings, in March of 1996 I made the first lumber purchase. No, it's not the ideal lumber transport vehicle, but you use what you have.

The first hardware. At this point I was both frightened and excited. Could I pull it off? There certainly aren't any blueprints out there for homebuilt monorails. I was breaking new ground.

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