Siemens H-Bahn

The Siemens H-Bahn (also known as SIPEM for SIemens PEople Mover) has been around since the early 70s. A test track was built at a Siemens-DUEWAG facility and the first operational installation was at Dortmund University in Germany in 1984. The latest opened at the Düsseldorf International Airport. The SIPEM system is designed as a medium-capacity transit system, carrying up to 15,000 passengers per hour per direction (pphpd).

The system in Dortmund was the first automatically controlled urban transit system in Germany. Two cars carrying 42 passengers each traverse a 1-km long main line which links two university campuses. Several track extensions have been added since it opened, which include several switches and a spur line. The Düsseldorf Airport SkyTrain, the second Siemens H-Bahn system, opened a 2.5km double guideway line in 2002.

Quick track installation is a great advantage of Siemens H-Bahn.

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