Scomi Propulsion, Power, Braking & Vehicle Management

The propulsion equipment uses Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency (VVVF) inverters with a high power/weight ratio. The system also provides high reliability and safety features including safe-off state interlock with the braking system. It is also equipped with dual media redundant network interfaced to the Vehicle Management System.

The drive motors/controllers are current technology PWM AC Drive with Dynamic Braking. These are fine tuned for smooth acceleration/deceleration and high standards of passenger comfort. They have high torque and duty cycles as well.

Power: 100kW
Voltage: 750 to 1500 VDC

The brake system comprises the latest generation of electro pneumatic systems currently available. Functions include emergency braking, service braking, security braking, and power braking . The brake system also controls compressors and communicates with the train management system, as well as ATP/ATO equipment if present.

The Vehicle Management System (VMS) provides supervisory control, monitoring, and diagnostic systems. Train status information is graphically displayed to the operator via the HMI panel and allows the operator to quickly respond to and understand all train systems’ status. This system annunciates the train system status and abnormal conditions are categorized and displayed in real time. It also acts as a “flight data recorder” for further data analysis.

Automatic Train Protection and Automatic Train Operation (ATP, ATO) is available for transit systems where full automation is desired (e.g Las Vegas.)

Scomi vehicle brake system

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