Moscow Monorail
with photographs by
Konstantin Ventzlavovich and Anton A. Chigrai
commentary by Kim Pedersen
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No walk-through access on these trains, however windows allow us to see what's going on in other cars.

Like Las Vegas Monorail and Newark International Monorail, Moscow Monorail has emergency walkways along the entire route.

The guideway is fabricated in steel, yet the support columns are concrete. Monorail looks good along a tree-lined road and doesn't hinder traffic or pedestrians below from going about their daily business.

Near Telecentr Station, the guideway passes by this beautiful lake, giving riders a wonderful view.

From the other side of the lake, we see one of the trains passing Ostankino Tower, a combination television broadcast and tourist view structure that is one of the tallest towers in the world.

Here's an elegant curve leading to another station in the distance. Note the small strip on top of the track. Russian engineers modified the Intamin monorail motor and braking to linear motors, making the Moscow Monorail the first linear motor-driven urban monorail in the world. Conventional motors are said to not be capable of handling the harsh winter weather. NEXT>>>

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