Moscow Monorail
with photographs by
Konstantin Ventzlavovich and Anton A. Chigrai
commentary by Kim Pedersen
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This portion of the guideway is directly over a trolley line, and straddle bents are used to support the monorail over it. The trolley catenary lines are suspended beneath the monorail tracks. How about that, monorail and trolley in peaceful coexistence!

The snow is falling, yet the Moscow Monorail isn't hindered. There are heaters under each seat and trains can operate under extreme conditions between -40 and +40 degrees Celcius.

Here's a look at an unusual site. While constant operation of the system keeps tracks clear, the first run of the day is when any accumulated snow is shoveled off the guideway in a rather dramatic fashion.

These shots were taken during testing in January of 2004,

The Russian-designed linear motor trains have no problem blasting snow out of their way.

As the train snowplows its way into the distance, we end our tour of Moscow Monorail. Thanks again to Konstantin and Anton for sharing these terrific images!

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